Sometimes even when we pray, we wish, we follow rules of attraction do all other shits but we cant attract a person or a relationship. We have to then accept that person is not meant to be in our life no matter however badly we want them. All rules of attraction fails there and thats life. Although i have experienced that my wish that have accidently or by some other means have come true didnt actually turned out to be how I wanted or I didnt enjoyed the outcome. So at that moment I can only satisfy my heart by saying that maybe this could also have been a bad outcome.


Within you!

Hello people, i dont know who reads my posts and likes it really but I like to put forward my views because thats the beauty of blogging. We like something in people which makes us like them and then therr are people whom we hate from bottom of our heart. The reason is that there no such fault in people theres always some thing of ours which we find reflection in them which we try to get rid off. Also same goes with the person whom we like. Its quite interesting to find your likes,dislikes from yourself. When we are depressed, no thing in outer universe will inspire you. But something within you will inspire you. No outer source is capable of motivating you without your knowledge because you wont be having that sense, the whole idea is about you. The whole message is to be true to yourself and love enough!

Simply live!!!

People have a general tendency to find some meaning or message from life or from some incident or something good or bad we experience. I wont disagree because even I tend to go deep down in every situation to find the purpose. Although its good to have some meaning in life, find good in every situation but do we have to do this everytime? No, I dont think so!!! Life dosen’t need to be specific, detail oriented!!! Life is given to learn and to live. Set yourself free everytime you get bored of life, you will experience new phase in life. Learn to go with flow(sometimes though). Dont hold yourself responsible for everything in your life. Some things we can control, some we cant. At that point of time we can only accept what is happening to us- no questions,no justifications. Accepting such things can help to reduce pain and give positive outlook.


I have come to the point in my life where nothing matters. Honestly I am too tired to put efforts in anything right now. This is not the whining blog but I now I know only one thing matters- no,not relationships, not friendships, not even your family only your purpose or your passion. Simply put, its your goals- short term,long term whatever. My whole life (am not that old) but till now I always wanted some sort of relationship. I had always craved for one, put my life and efforts i think i have never put in anything else. Yeah it turnout to be worst part of my life. Sometimes after experiencing this, i think should i even trust myself? Do I know myself truly? Because this were only thing I had dreamt of, wanted but never got into. Should I put my efforts on things I like or I wanna pursue? But then, love or persons or relationships dosent come with due date nor with guarantee that it will stay. Not even your dream job guarantees you it will give you happiness you expected from it. But like relationships it will give you some experience has what not to do later in life. It will bring you one step closer into actually knowing yourself. Relationships with other person can be risky it will leave you heartbroken if it dint workout well, but relationship with your passion can never leave you heartbroken, it will teach you that part you need to know.

Love- Freedom

Frankly i dont know how it will sound and i dont know what makes me write this but i have a feeling to share some experience i had with blogging world.

When we talk about love, we unconsciously start making certain assumptions or criteria like my love life would be like this or that sort, i need this-this characters in my partner, and many do find their perfect match too.But even after being in love we start feeling off in relationship…we dont know why , we also try to correct ours and our partners mistakes, but there goes a thing wrong their. Some people start becoming insecure about their partners and sometimes unsure of their choices too…  We need to compare our love relationship with that relations in which we feel comfortable like relationship witu parents or bestie or that whatever person you like…. I have notices that our most comfortable relationship are in which we truly know the other person, we dont have any presumption or we dont want to change that person…yeah we sometimes feel one or two quality but we don’t feel bad or hurt if they dont change….we somehow become comfortable with them , but in romantic relationship some demand a complete change or makeover sort of thing which is actually change in personality..if we cant love a person all the time or after a certain period of time and we constantly feel the need for change in them we don’t really love a person…and one thing i have learn -if we cant accept a person at its bad we dont deserve them at their good. According to me a romantic relationship should never be a constraint but should be a celebration, relation between best friends and this gives freedom in relationship. We should feel same , a sense of freedom that this person is with me and will always be for me and this confidence is enough to strengthen a relationship.